Paint and Patches
Your Cooperative Source for Handyman Services in Delaware and Maryland!

Pleased to meet you!

Paint and Patches was formed in 2015.  We're licensed and insured for home improvement work in Delaware and Maryland.

How We're Different

Paint and Patches specializes in small projects.  Some companies aren't interested in jobs that take just a few hours.  Not us!  We'll come out just to repair a hole in your wall, refresh the paint in your bedroom, replace your toilet, or put in a new lock for your door. 

We are not a full-scope general contractor.  We don't do specialty trade work like plumbing, electrical wiring, or HVAC.  We replace fixtures to existing connections, but if you need new pipes or new wires, that's outside of our scope.  We also don't do roofing or load-bearing carpentry, and we generally don't do work that requires permits.  Big contractors leave the little work for us, and we leave the big work for them.

We're a cooperative company.  Our mission is to create jobs and promote worker ownership while helping communities, the environment, and society as a whole.  We provide clear pricing and don't cut corners. 

Looking for our licenses and other mandatory postings?  You'll find our bulletin boards here.