Paint and Patches
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You lose money every day that your rental property is off the market.  Our Rental Refresh bundles patching, painting, and handyman services with clear pricing so your next tenant can move in quickly.

In addition to single-family homes and individually owned condo units, we are pleased to work with apartment communities.  We can augment your maintenance staff during peak times or be your single source to get units ready for move-in, and we're equally happy to work with materials you provide or pick up whatever is needed for a low service charge.

Contact us today to discuss your property and how our Rental Refresh™ service can help you save time and make money.

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Rental Refresh

Drywall Patch (small)
Drywall Patch (large)
 Stainblocking (add-on)
 Painting per 100 sq.ft.
Toilet Replacement
 Lock Replacement
Minimum Labor Charge
 Materials Surcharge

We guarantee that we will get the work done for the fixed price we quote you.