Paint and Patches
Your Cooperative Source for Handyman Services in Delaware and Maryland!

Think of what we could do together!

Paint and Patches is a cooperative operating company. Our mission is to create sustainable jobs and promote worker ownership, and we're looking for people who want to help us grow while doing work they love.

If you have residential construction or handyman skills, joining us may be a good career move. You'll be covered by our licenses and Workers Compensation coverage for work you do through the cooperative, and we pay competitive wages -- never less than $15 per hour, typically $20 or more depending on the type of work.

Already have a full-time job? No problem! Paint and Patches welcomes people looking for a structure to support their side projects on their own schedules.

Why wait? Cooperate!  Let's work together.
* Employees are considered for membership in the cooperative after a probationary period equal to six months of full-time work.  Worker-owners democratically manage the cooperative, share in its net income, and have additional benefits.