Paint and Patches
Your Cooperative Source for Handyman Services in Delaware and Maryland!

How We Work

  • Clear Scope.   We start by discussing your project in detail, so we know in advance exactly what you want in the end.  
  • Clear Price.   You'll find prices for our most commonly requested services on our basic price list.  For small projects, we can often quote a fixed price.  For larger projects, we'll estimate the time needed to do the work and provide clear rates. 
  • Convenience.  Fixed-price projects typically include materials.  For larger projects, we can use materials you provide or pick them up for you with a 5% service charge.
  • Accuracy.  You can count on our estimates.  If your project goes 10% or more over the time that we estimated, we'll discount your invoice by 10%.
  • Peace of Mind.  All of our work is done by Paint and Patches employees  under full insurance for both liability and injury.  We don't subcontract work.
  • Quality.  We guarantee our work.  If it doesn't hold up to normal wear and tear, we'll redo it at our expense.
Drywall Repair
Touch-Up Painting
Handyman Services

Flexible Payment Options

We're pleased to accept your payment in the way that you prefer, including:

  • All major credit and debit cards
  • Electronic bank transfers (via PayPal®)
  • Checks (business or personal)
  • Cash

Depending on your project, we may be able to invoice you on Net 15 or Net 30 credit terms.