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Here you'll see some of our rates for different kinds of projects.  Our minimum charge is just $75, so we can help you with the small stuff as well as with big projects.  

We can often estimate projects over the phone.  Where an in-home visit is needed, we'll be happy to do that at no cost and get back to you within 48 hours with a written price proposal.  For multi-day work, we ask for one-third of the price up front and the remainder on completion, and you can pay by cash, check, or credit card.

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Service Price
Drywall Patch
$75.00 small
$125.00 large 
 New Flooring Installation
$2.00 / sqft.* 
 Floor Preparation
 Starts at $40.00*
Includes leveling and skim coat.
 Subflooring Repair
Starts at  $150.00
 Lock Repair
Includes basic lock.
Touch-Up Painting
$1.00 / sqft. 
 Toilet Repair
Includes parts.
 Toilet Replacement
Cost of toilet plus $75.00
Includes wax ring. 
 Material Purchase
Cost plus 5%
 Material Delivery
Flat fee of $60.00

* All services are subject to the $75 minimum total charge.